The Odyssey Continues!

Friends and family, as many of you know, I will be moving to Romania for nine months this October as a Fulbright Grantee. In my case, this will entail teaching an introductory writing course and a presentation skills course during the fall semester, as well as volunteering at local museums.

I have a dual placement, something the Fulbright Commission in Romania is testing this year. For the first semester, I will be teaching at Petru Maior University in Targu-Mures. In January, I will move to Baia Mare.

I am excited, nervous, happy, and eager to share my upcoming adventures here.





Baia Mare

(Images from Romanian Tourist Office)

One thought on “The Odyssey Continues!

  1. Hi, Anna, how are you? My name is Raluca and I am your cousin, Susan Butcher’s coworker. Susan gave me your blog because she thought I might be able to give you some insight about those Romanian sites you are going to visit since I am originally from Romania. I used to live in Sibiu, so I don’t know anything much about Targu-Mures or Baia Mare. If I hear anything worth-mentioning I will keep you posted. Romania is a beautiful country and I am sure that wherever you will go there will always be something interesting to see and experience. Both cities are in Transylvania, which is one of the best regions of the country. Let’s stay in touch!


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