Trip to Agistri

Yesterday, my roommates and I woke up early to catch the ferry to the island of Agistri. I hadn’t planned on traveling outside of Athens my first weekend here, but I’m glad I did because it was the perfect day!



On the ferry, we met a few Greeks who were very friendly. We practiced our Greek by asking a young (~4 year old) boy what his name was. He giggled and answered “Stavros!” and then continued to play with us throughout the trip. Emily and I also met a young Syrian woman living in Sweden and visiting her mother in Greece. She was very helpful and gave us tips about using the ferry and visiting islands. It was also interesting to chat with her about politics and history–I really appreciated her perspective on Greece and Europe, as it was one I hadn’t heard much about before.




As we approached the island, we realized that most of the other people on the ferry were Greek, and we high-fived ourselves for finding an island that Athenians liked. It was fairly uncrowded and while it was tourist-friendly, we found that there were many quiet residential corners to explore.




We spent most of the day in the water and sunbathing on the beach, but also took some time to wander through the little town, eat gelato, and get coffee (7:30 is an early wake up time, even for the beach! We needed it)



Clouds started gathering around 5:00 and by 5:15 it started to rain in our little paradise. Luckily, there was a 5:30 ferry back to Athens and we grabbed tickets to head back home. We all fell asleep on the ride.

Lest any of you think this all sounds too perfect, we all came home with sunburns as souvenirs and nearly lost our lives at the hands of a maniac taxi driver. But I will say, yesterday was one of the best days I’ve had in a long time.

7 thoughts on “Trip to Agistri

    • I can’t say, this is the first island I’ve been to so far! It’s really beautiful but it’s pretty small. If we had stayed for drinks or something we could have entertained ourselves for the night, but honestly it was the perfect size for a day trip and we were ready to leave by 5.


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